falling in love online ii

love letters to the internet iv

“It includes the love that grows because I survey my love through screens; I can screen myself and project myself, and bask in the glow of the screened image of my love… Consider transintimacy, then, as an iridescent intimacy, one that is no longer flat contact between two integuments, a closeness and possession negotiated through touch, but rather a more penetrative possession—possession in that doubled sense of to own but to oneself be owned, haunted.”

Tavi Meraud, “Iridescence, Intimacies” 2015

The screen is the site of traversing and connecting, where digital intimacy forms both through other connection, but also with the medium itself. Our phones, our private actions, private conversations and thoughts are etched into the digital space. Text messages, Facebook photos, tweets, online shopping, google searching – we leave so much of who we are, who we know and of our connections in these spaces. There are no boundaries, no lines, no fences; the sky is the limit in this protocol-orientated world where we can move and travel from the comfort of our own bedroom. The freedom, and simultaneous intimacy, that the screen offers; a surface which we connect with physically through touch transcends this space into our real embodied spaces.

There are two intimacies, connections and loves at play here; the ones we create through technology and the ones we create with technology.

There are similarities and differences between how we interact URL and IRL.


There’s a potential and exciting possibility to be more vulnerable, more intimate over text.

What happens when it ends? When the connection is lost?

How do we find it again?

How do we get it back?

We can archive our digital experiences; keep track of the relationships and connections we form online. We cast spells online while technology casts a spell on us. Technology mystifies us, allows us to exist in ways we never imagined, gives us the space to breathe. It also captures us and controls us. Our data exists online and an algorithmic version of ourselves is constructed and curated through how we behave online. This can be done through our conscious or subconscious actions, involving third parties and systems.

This installation consists of unique wallpaper designed for the space, two screens and various instances which explore the relationship between digital relationship through traces, wrestling with this digital anxiety, common narratives and sentiments that manifest online.