The Princess

A wearable technology artwork which responds to  light

“The Princess” is a light sensitive interactive scarf and is part of Pink Phase a wearable technology exhibition.

The scarf ‘reacts’ to light using a light sensor. An overhead light is shone on the scarf, aimed directly at the sensor.

the princess - storyboard

the princess - development

The user can control the strength of the light using a dimmer switch. Embedded in the scarf are LED’s. The darker the light shone on the scarf (sensor), the brighter and more LEDs flash, the brighter the light shone on the scarf (sensor) the dimmer and fewer LEDs flash.

the princess - scarf

On the plinth along with the dimmer switch an interaction initiator is placed:

“I wish I could glow. I wish I could glow pink.”

This is a beautiful delicate scarf which is rather sensitive. If you are nasty and throw darkness at her, she will defend herself and start to glow, she will glow and sparkle pink. Pink.

the princess - scarf



scarf detail scarf detail 4 the princess - detail