The Dream Keeper

“The Dream Keeper” is a light sensitive interactive handbag which is part of Pink Phase.

When the handbag is closed all the LEDs light up and the handbag appears . As the bag is opened, a sound track is triggered and a list of ‘dreams’ is recited. Yet, as the dreams continue being recited, the LEDs fade. When the bag is closed, the LEDs light up again and the bag is ready to recite again once re-opened.

On the plinth is an interaction initiator is placed:

“I often dream that one day we shall all live in a world covered in pink…”

There are dreams which are being kept safely in this bag. They make the bag glow. If you open the bag, you may hear these dreams, but be careful you must close the bag before the glow has faded. If you don’t close the bag in time, the dreams will fly away…