Floating Reverie is an on-going, annual experiment. Each residency and artist brings a new dynamic to the process and added insight to the framework. The residency has naturally and expectedly shifted towards a process orientated, research residency as opposed to a conventional residency which would be focused on the art object or exhibition.

The artist’s process is often removed from the final showing of a work. It can be treated as a mystical and for his or her own eyes. It is not often that in the process the audience or viewer is involved or necessary. This residency process breaks with these conventions.

Notes on POSTDIGITAL 2016/2017

POSTDIGITAL 2016/2017 is about concept, process and residency.

POSTDIGITAL 2016/2017 is a reimagining and engagement with the residencies from 2016 and 2017. Artists have been encouraged to interrogate their own experience of the residency, their process and how they produced work. Floating Reverie has encouraged the artists to maintain the essence of the digital residency during the //2Weeks, along with the process and research. Artists are encouraged to engage with their own experience during the residency.

With this consideration and further development, artists are taking their initial engagement and re-locating it from a virtual, digital space, into a physical, real space.

What happens offline?

What happened online?

Alicia Mersy (2016 – USA)

Luke Nairn (2017 – UK)

Lala Crafford (2017 – SA)

Chris Boyd (2017 – UK)

Brooklyn J. Pakathi (2017 – SA)

Miranda Moss (2017 – SA)

Samuel Jackson & Hannah Hallam-Eames (2017 – NZ)

You can view the catalogue here.