name, comment, #tag – wearable technology

This is a phased interactive system and artwork which I developed as part of my final MA course work in 2011. It explores, social media, wearable technology and interaction amongst multiple users.

name comment #tag

The first interaction occurs on the the users’ personal mobile device once they have scanned an embroidered QR code.

The users are directed to a mobile site which has been specifically developed and designed for this artwork. It is based on a submission form which allows for user to input their name, a comment of their choice and make a selection from a drop-down box of #tags.

The second phase is where this digital information which they have input into the website is then projected onto a physical object, a dress which is an embodiment  for this interaction.

Qr code

name comment #tag exhibition

There is a very specific relationship which is established between the user’s input being displayed and the object which is extended once the #tags become trends which are physically displayed on the dress. A dialogue is established between the artist and the audience through this interaction and the forms which are used.

The #tags were constructed specifically based on social interactions which occur on social media in order to create a trend for the specific event.

wearable technology

wearable technology exhibition

live_2 LED #tag

wearable technology exhibition