Talking Codes – knitted QR code

We wrote telegrams.

We wrote letters and postcards.

We wrote on bulletin boards and sent emails.

We made phone calls and sent text messages.

We used chat rooms.

We send watsapps and bbms.

talking codes exhibition

This artwork is an experimental and humorous interaction which allows multiple audience members to communicate to an anonymous mobile phone via knitted QR codes. It is a digital, mixed media installation consisting of hand knitting and embroidery with an accompanying mobile phone. There are two series. The first is called Hey, Hi, Im and has three QR codes each titled; Hey, there seems to be, Hi, you sweet thing and Im not really sure. The second series is called Who, Why, How and has three QR codes each titled; Who are you, Why won’t you stop? and How did you get my number?

knitted QR code

Each QR code is programmed to send a specific text message with a specific ‘opening line’ in it. Once the QR code is scanned, the audience member is prompted to send the text message from their personal mobile device. The knitted QR code is very tactile and tangible in contrast to the digital mode of communication which they facilitate.

The opening lines of the text message are simple and prompt the audience member to contribute and finish the text message before sending it. The message is then received by an anonymous mobile phone adding to a trail of messages is left by the other audience members.

talking codes - exhibition

Between the artist’s specific set up and the involvement of the audience an interesting interaction occurs. The digital as an artistic medium allows for the exploration of networked environments and dynamic instances, exploring the viewer as a ‘user’ and how this role changes within the artwork. The relationship between inputs and outputs is established and creates a dialogue within the artwork and between the user and the artist, which inevitable affects the role of the user or audience member.

This work explores how we choose to inhabit technology, the digital world and our own environments. What modes do we use to communicate and how do they affect how we communicate.

talking codes exhibition