Floating Reverie – //2Weeks

A new project that I started at the beginning of the year together with the support of Nicola Kritzinger is Floating Reverie – There are two main components to Floating Reverie – a residency program and project development. Floating Reverie aims to explore and expand on the digital medium through developing a constructive dialogue with multiple artists and creatives based in Johannesburg, South Africa and internationally.

Floating Reverie


//2Weeks is a residency program aims to cultivate, initiate and help develop a digital conversation across the city, country and globe amongst artists, digital practitioners, thinkers, writers and makers.

It is a 2 week residency period, once a month, every month.

It is a remote residency which means that selected artist do not have travel to our physical location, Johannesburg – but rather they practice and implement their project from their own physical location. The residency program exists in the digital space.

It has been an incredible process so far.

I am fascinated by the notion of exploring a digital practice and how artists are able to change their practice within and through this digital medium.

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