Confessions of an Artist

// Confessions of an artist

Is a series of artworks based on a questionnaire that was sent to my database of artists – friends, colleagues, acquaintances and random peers.

These are a selection of the top confessions which I felt reflected and added insight into artists; the way they work and reflect on themselves. Some were comical, some sad and some extremely honest. I liked the idea keeping these confessions a secret, something which was anonymous and private.

I selected one and turned the sentiment into a gif and a gifbox (iveneversoldanartwork).



< i plagiarised pretty much all of my 3rd year thesis >

< Talent means nothing >

[ Being an Artist is like being both the homeless guy and Jesus put together. ]

// i’m getting sick of the artworld.

_ i don’t know what i’m doing. _

_ i’m a better copier than innovator. _

[ Bob Ross kind of creeps me out. ]

:: Male artists have done the most damage to my sense of identity ::

[ Sol Lewitt is the jam, dude. ]

_ i have sooooooo many unfinished projects. _

<< i studied art >>

!! Art school squashed my creativity !!

:: i even consider giving it all up. ::

[ i love making art ]

[ i’ve never sold an artwork. ]

< hate going to openings. >

|| i shamelessly steal/copy ideas from other artists ||

< Everything seems reduced to money. >

//i think anything i do matters. //


Project TBC. Thank you for all the contributions and involvements.