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Breaking up with Google


This artwork was exhibited as part of group show Degrees of Separation which was used a method of networked production and curation. This artwork engages with the online medium and the way in… Continue reading

Breaking up with Google – Process


This artwork and it’s various by products are a result of, what I’d describe as a “networked production and curation” process which was used for the group exhibition “Degrees of Separation”. My initial idea began as an investigation… Continue reading

A Gif a Week

by This is a project heavily influenced by both the process and the content present in #WORKBITCH. For this artwork I produced a gif a week based on a contemporary pop cultural sentiment and… Continue reading

#WORKBITCH – a gif a day


This body of work – a series of 14 GIFs (Graphical Interchange format) was developed during the Floating reverie Residency //2Weeks January. This project is called WORKBITCH and is based on an initial… Continue reading

ilovepink – a curated artwork


This is a curated artwork, a continuously evolving project which began at the end of 2012. The project description reads: “This is a curated site. The artwork uses a digital medium, a micro-blog… Continue reading

name, comment, #tag – wearable technology


This is a phased interactive system and artwork which I developed as part of my final MA course work in 2011. It explores, social media, wearable technology and interaction amongst multiple users. The… Continue reading

Guillotine Development – an integrated social dialogue


This was a three phased interactive system (in collaboration with Alexandra Jones and Lisa van Vliet) which facilitates the marketing and brand development of Guillotine, a South African fashion label. The system is… Continue reading