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falling in love online ii love letters to the internet iv “It includes the love that grows because I survey my love through screens; I can screen myself and project myself, and bask… Continue reading

Bae Magick – Online


It’s bae magick we’re all after. Falling in love is magickal. Having a bae, before anybody else. It often feels like a spell has been cast on you, that you’ve entered a different… Continue reading

You loved plants


All of the Feels for You


“you text nothing like you look” “pink+white” “so many times, so many ways” “swirls” Falling in love or falling out of love over messaging is synonymous with contemporary romantic relationships and feelings. Relationships… Continue reading

No More Tears


Using the teardrop emoticon in a repeated and rhythmic way this installation is tribute and acknowledgment to all the tears that are cried when a personal relationship ends. Tears are shed in a… Continue reading



selected/deleted/populated/isolated – cities in the global south (2016) This is a series of studies around 12 cities, 6 in South Africa and 6 in Brazil which were identified by popularity and population size.… Continue reading

Confessions of an Artist


// Confessions of an artist Is a series of artworks based on a questionnaire that was sent to my database of artists – friends, colleagues, acquaintances and random peers. These are a selection… Continue reading

I’ve never sold an artwork

by Carly Whitaker (2015)



There are three manifestations of this work. There are the individual gifs, an online version and a video showing the interaction. //falling empires/ex colonies [ who are they? where are they ] //… Continue reading

<<<<< /*2014*/ >>>>>


2014 has been great. So i made you a gif. a few gifs. peace. happy 2015.

A Gif a Week

by This is a project heavily influenced by both the process and the content present in #WORKBITCH. For this artwork I produced a gif a week based on a contemporary pop cultural sentiment and… Continue reading

#WORKBITCH – a gif a day


This body of work – a series of 14 GIFs (Graphical Interchange format) was developed during the Floating reverie Residency //2Weeks January. This project is called WORKBITCH and is based on an initial… Continue reading