Carbon City – Day 3

Carbon City

This work was produced as part of a group show for Assemblage called Fresh Produce.

“Much of our vocabulary draws on work on the African metropolis which describes the ‘interplay between what is “visible” and what is “invisible”, between appearance and disappearance’ and between surface and depth.”

Not No Place, Dorethee Kreutzfeld and Bettina Malcolmess

This project seeks to establish a dialogue with the city Johannesburg through the city itself, using marks which have been made by the people inhabiting it and the way in which they traverse it. This project sees Johannesburg as a breathing entity. It is a visual analysis of the effect that we, humans, inhabitants of the city have on it. It seeks to capture the unseen affect, the invisible and make it visible, looking beneath the layers of the city to what might really be happening.

The project consists of several artworks and experiences.

I became aware of how I personally traversed Johannesburg when I started my project Daily Data. For this project I tracked my movements, where I went, what I did, how I got there and how productive I was over a period of roughly a month. I became aware of banal, mundane and slightly intriguing patterns in my routine and daily actions.

The shape of the LED sculpture is based on the route I took on Day 3.

The LED sculpture reacts according to a CO sensor which is connected to a microcontroller, an Arduino. This enables the sensor to interpret the levels of CO in the air. The LED sculpture is programmed to respond to the varying levels of CO present in the air. These levels or readings are also sent to a visualisation which reflects these readings.

These readings taken at the Turbine Art Fair have been collected and will be made public through the visualisation online at a later date.