selected/deleted/populated/isolated – cities in the global south (2016)

Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.30.53 Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.31.02 Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.31.08 Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.31.18 Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.31.23 Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.31.30 Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.31.41

This is a series of studies around 12 cities, 6 in South Africa and 6 in Brazil which were identified by popularity and population size. The gifs (graphical interchange format) are generated using basic photo and computer editing commands on Photoshop such as colour selection, deletion, image filters and pixilation. Each city is represented through the Google Maps’ representation and perspective them and then that image is then edited. A distance and distortion are created through the layering of techniques and a digital materiality is established while attempting to find a tangible link between the cities.