Breaking up with Google – Process

This artwork and it’s various by products are a result of, what I’d describe as a “networked production and curation” process which was used for the group exhibition “Degrees of Separation”.

My initial idea began as an investigation into how Google responds differently to our individual searches and whether this was true. How does Google remember us? Can we erase ourselves from Google’s memory like in the movie “The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’?  The idea then turned into treating Google as an individual or entity that one has a significant relationship with and an entity or being that one could break up with or remove from one’s life.

The artwork/project consists of:

How do you break up with Google?

Can you?

This is a series of explorations around “breaking up with”. It does not actually allow you the independence, liberation, freedom or sovereignty from Google (you need to go through the courts for that), but instead uses online relationship mechanisms such as following and retweeting to highlight a break up sentiment through a hashtag. These hashtags have been specifically constructed based on the fellow artists most recent break ups which highlighted trends in relationship and break ups.