Bae Magick – Online

It’s bae magick we’re all after. Falling in love is magickal. Having a bae, before anybody else. It often feels like a spell has been cast on you, that you’ve entered a different world, an alternative state of being, or have been changed. It can fill you with hope and excitement for the future.

But what happens when the ‘spell’ breaks, when the delirious, trance-like phase of love vanishes? What happens when reality maintains its strength, overpowers the spell and breaks it?

We live in an time where ‘love’ can be easy, accessible and transient. We aren’t ‘mating for life’ but rather we opt for multiple ‘right fits’ versus finding ‘the one’. Love is just a click or swipe away on a seemingly magickal device which can lead to non-committal and superficial engagements. But through this we still hope that our turn will come and the spell will work, that we will find something special, unique and lasting. The heartache of the broken spell comes and goes and can often damage us in the process. But we heal. We grow. To be in love is to be generous with who you are, to inspire someone else, to feel inspired to be vulnerable and to put aside the fear of heartache.

We repeatedly click. We click and swipe to find love, to find the one that will make it all come true. Through this, a digital discourse emerges. We persist in casting digital spells to help us get closer. In this post-digital, post-romantic, post-marital, post-blackberry, post-chronological world, the accessing of this infinite love or infinite relationship loops eternally – a lasting spell seems to be required.

Navigating the phases of the moon as it changes and shares its energy with us, magick is shaped and transformed through this energy online. Commencing after the Equinox while Venus is still in retrograde we see cycles emerge with a New Moon in Aries and change is welcomed, encouraged and allowed to happen through the artwork.

Follow this digital magick journey to discover bae magick and cast your own spell.

Bae magick was an online residency with x-temporary which I participated in from 29 March – 23 April 2017. The finale residency will be made into a final artwork which will be able to be viewed at as a different iteration.

Here is some documentation of the residency as it occurred.


26 March 2017 – New Moon Spell

3 March 2017 – First Quater Moon Spell

13 April 2017 – Full Moon Spell

17 April 2017 – New Moon Spell

23 April 2017 – New Moon Spell