By the artist:

Computational Fashion Initiative (2009) for Fashioning Tech –

Negotiating a global culture in South African digital art (2013) published in MCD – DIGITAL CREATION AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY IN AFRICA

Networked Production and Curation (2014) for Degrees of Separation, Published in Exhibition Catalogue

Floating Reverie – an experiment in network curation and production (2015) for Fak’ugesi Conference, Published in Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative Research

Floating Reverie – the online gallery/archive/record/residency (2015) presented for Anya Fụlụ Ugo Conference in Nigeria


On the artist:

A {Digital} Stitch in Time – Alexia Mellor [Independent Artist]

Carly Whitaker exhibits digital works on the Empire exhibition

A new era: 7 artists breaking the internet



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